Why is this layout region red or purple?

I imported some layout regions into SolarFarmer but one of them is red and two of them are purple. What does it mean?

Answered by @mikehamer:

With regard to the colours of the layout regions:

  • red hatching - means that a layout region is intersecting itself. Either obviously (e.g. in the screenshot below) or sometimes happens if when importing there are two points in exactly the same location. Or the imported region could be slightly off (can happen with rounding errors of the points) and ends up very slightly intersecting itself.
  • purple hatching - means that 2 or more layout regions are overlapping each other:

In both cases you can ignore it and things should just work as normal - it’s just ideal not to have any overlap or intersections.

In your case for the red area, you can easily fix it.

  • Go to the Design Layout screen

  • Select the Edit boundary map tool from the map toolbar:

  • Select one of the red layout regions, right-click on region, and choose Simplify Line from the popup menu:

  • This reduces the number of points of the layout region’s boundary (in a controlled way, to not lose too much definition).
    In this case it got rid of the tiny intersections and the layout regions became normally coloured again.

For the purple area, edit the points so that the two (or more) regions don’t overlap.


thanks for the awesome information.


thanks my issue has been fixed.

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