'Vary pitch by slope' script now available!

For fixed-tilt rack sites that have undulating terrain, deciding on a suitable pitch value for the layout regions can be difficult. To keep row-to-row shading to a minimum, different pitch values will be needed for north-facing, south-facing and horizontal slopes.

Deciding on these pitch values can be difficult to do manually. And changing them in SolarFarmer can be a bit tedious using the Edit Lines tool.

There is now a script that you can use to do this automatically!

You can find it in the online web-documentation here:
Vary the pitch value by the slope

Download the script from the documentation page and follow the easy instructions. There are a couple of parameters to play with to help you get the best layout for your site. Let us know if you find it useful, or have any issues.

Here’s a fictional site in New Zealand showing the different pitches depending on the slope (don’t forget north is pointing to the equator!):