SolarFarmer Release

We are pleased to announce that SolarFarmer has just been released!

Desktop application headline changes

  • Import layout and exclusion regions from Google Earth files (Docs)
  • Calculate exclusion regions from slopes (Docs)
  • Improved exclusion region support (Docs)
  • Added support for version 5.2 of PVGIS API download (Docs)

API headline changes

  • Added support for shading objects in the 3D API (shading regions, 3D objects, shading from terrain)
  • Added support for POA-only solar resources

Documentation Additions

See the full release notes for more details.


The 3D API is still available on a Private Preview basis to existing customers who want to road test the API whilst we continue to work on API management and scalability.

Whilst in Private Preview, the 3D API is available at no additional charge, although we are currently limiting maximum project size to 50MW and we are running on a relatively small cloud cluster – which means that you may experience resource contention at busy times.

Full scale up of the API infrastructure is happening over the next few of months - but if you want to get ahead and you are willing to help us with road testing then please request access by clicking this link: Register for 3D API private preview

Download SolarFarmer now!

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