SolarFarmer Release

I am pleased to announce that SolarFarmer is now available to download from the portal.

This version includes our first external release of the 3D API yield calculation. This offers run time speed up, fixed-tilt or trackers, and includes bifacial (albeit using the 2D algorithm for the backside).

You can run 3D calculations in the cloud both from the desktop application and from scripting using the API, as long as you are registered with our Private Preview.

3D cloud calculation now available for Private Preview!

The 3D cloud calculation is available on a Private Preview basis to existing users and customers who want to road test the API whilst we continue to work on API management and scalability. There are a few caveats - see the full release notes.

Whilst in Private Preview the 3D cloud calculation functionality is available at no charge. Though we are currently limiting project size to 50MW and running it on a small cloud cluster. This may mean that you may experience resource contention at busy times.

Full scale-up of the API infrastructure is happening over the next couple of months. If you want to get ahead and are willing to help us with road testing then please request access by filling in and submitting the following form: Register for the 3D API private preview

Other changes in this release:

Desktop application

  • Scripting enhancements (import regions from shapefiles, create layout regions)
  • Specify Site Layout tool improvements
  • Bug fixes

API and website

IMPORTANT: Support for the domain with the API and website will be discontinued from 15 August 2022. Please update any old scripts to use the domain if you haven’t already done so.

  • Security updates
  • Calculation improvements
  • New endpoints (ModelChainAsync and TerminateModelChainAsync)
  • Website improvements (filter and paginate the runs page)
  • Bug fixes

See the full Release Notes for more details

Download the installer from the portal