New Release: SolarFarmer (3 March 2022)

I am pleased to announce SolarFarmer is now available to download from the Renewable Energy Software Portal.

This Release

This release contains minor updates and bug-fixes.
We have been working hard on the 3D API but it is not quite ready yet. Thank you for your patience.

New Feature Highlights:

  • Support for 6x11 silicon module specifications (both full and half-cell modules) (see PV Modules for a full list of supported module types)
  • Can store cloud calculation inputs/outputs online (see Running calculations in the cloud)
  • Make cloud calculations cancellable
  • Provide system attributes file from cloud calculation
  • Update the Word Report generation with more details (if computation was local/cloud, versions, etc.)
  • Other improvements, bug fixes and preparation for the 3D API

Release Notes:

Updated API website/URL

  • The web API website has moved to the domain:
  • Any scripts calling the API endpoints should now call the new domain:
  • Please update any existing scripts and bookmarks to use this new URL
    The domain (for the website and API) will remain active for the time being (both will work).
    But to avoid possible downtime in future please update to use Running calculations in the cloud from the latest desktop application will automatically use the new domain. Your API keys will remain the same.

What’s Next?

Finish and release the 3D API. That’s our main focus! We’re getting closer – still working on performance and reliability.

Please download this latest version from the Renewable Energy Software Portal.