Issue with downloading map background imagery

The online provider that SolarFarmer uses to download the background imagery (the ‘World Imagery’ and ‘World Street Map’ layers being the most popular) have deprecated their free service since the start of this month. This affects all versions of SolarFarmer.

When downloading background imagery for your SolarFarmer workbooks you may wait a long while and then be presented with an error message box something like this:

We are currently looking into alternative providers and will issue a new release of SolarFarmer in the next few weeks with the fix.

Downloading imagery can still work - their servers are sometimes responsive. You may just have to be patient.

  • Try at different times of day when their servers are less busy
  • Try downloading smaller areas
  • When choosing a new site location, turn off the default download of 20km coverage (which is large so will probably not work)

Their free service may eventually stop altogether. Hopefully by that time we will have a new release with a different provider.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

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