Introduce yourself!

If you are new to this SolarFarmer forum, feel free to post an introduction to yourself here. This is a community of SolarFarmer users sharing their knowledge and insights. Feel free to just say, “Hi!” :wave: or tell us some details about yourself, whatever feels right for you.

NOTE: Let’s keep this thread as a place for introductions. You can always start a new thread if someone’s introduction makes you want to reply and discuss something.

PS: I paraphrased this post from the Jupyter forum. Thanks Jupyter!

Hi everyone,
I’ve been the product manager for SolarFarmer since 2019. I’ve worked at DNV, SolarFarmer’s mother company, for almost 4 years. I’ve been in renewables, mostly solar, since 2007, first at AREVA ( Ausra) and then SunPower for 7 years doing performance and reliability modeling. Before solar, I earned a PhD from UC Berkeley in 2005 for studying emissions from fires and combustion engines. I also served in the U.S. Peace Corps in the East African country of Tanzania teaching high school math. I contribute to pvlib python, I’m active in the IEEE PV Specialists’ Conference D&I committee, and I’m a member of the NumFOCUS Affiliated Projects selection committee. In my free time I like to read, run, and ride. You can learn more about me on my homepage. Thanks!


Hello Teams,
I have been working for ENGIE Solar as PV engineer since 2018. After a couple of years as a PV design engineer, I have been in charge of Technology Innovation. I means I am leading the process of integrating new technologies and features in our product that is to say large-scale grid-connected PV plant mainly ground-mounted. I have been in the Renewable industry since 2013 as I earned back then a MEng in REN in France and specialized in PV-based hybrid energy systems in Germany. since then I have worked on both large-scale all PV projects and industrial PV hybrid microgrids always multi-MW. Before joining the renewable sector, I worked about 10y in numerical computing for the energy, natural resources and earth observation sectors after I earned a PhD from Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine in France in 2003 for studying innovative ways of characterizing uncertainties in modeling natural hydrocarbon reservoirs.
Feel free to reach out if you want more information - thanks!


Hi SolarFarmer community!

A quick intro from me. I have been at DNV working as a software developer for 8.5 years. Spending 1.5 years on Bladed (turbine design) and then 1 on WindFarmer (wind farm design) before working as lead developer on SolarFarmer for the last 6 years (since its inception). I’m based in Bristol (Bristol - Wikipedia) in the UK.

I mainly specialise in user interface development and 3D graphics, though have been getting more deeply involved in the solar calculation code in SolarFarmer in the last year. My solar expertise has come from working on the software and being involved with our users and customers. I’m still learning!

I used my 3D knowledge to develop the unique hemicube approach for the 3D shading in the SolarFarmer’s 3D calculation, which has helped us be novel in our approach to the energy calculation for 3D sites.

SolarFarmer is adapting and currently in the process of transferring its calculation to the cloud to help speed up the running of the calculation. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi folks, I’m in DNV’s Solar EA group, working with @mikofski and others on the “special projects” team. I joined DNV in January 2022. Before joining DNV I worked on solar forecasting at University of Arizona since 2013. I was a post doc and then research faculty in atmospheric sciences during that time. Before that, I was a physics grad student at UA. My PhD thesis was precision measurements of atomic properties using atom interferometry, so quite a long ways off from solar! Anyways, as post doc I became heavily involved in pvlib python, which is how I know Mark and how I ended up here. At DNV today I’m helping with Solar EA’s transition to SolarFarmer, particularly as it relates to the rest of the EA software stack. Otherwise I spend a lot of time with all things python and solar.


Thanks for the introduction Will! Great to hear your background and thank you for your interest in SolarFarmer. Interesting that you were involved in pvlib python and met Mark through that.
The Solar EA’s transition to SolarFarmer is one of our main focusses this year so our paths may cross soon.

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