How to export a PVsyst .MET file and import it to SolarFarmer?

From PVsyst start menu select Databases, then Meteo Tables & Graphs. Then select the .MET file you wish to export and select the Tables tab. Make sure to check the boxes for Horiz. Global, Horiz. Diffuse, Amb. temperature, and Wind velocity. Also make sure that the Values are Hourly.

Now click the Table button on the bottom. When the Meteo file table window opens, use Export from the menu and select Copy to File.

Change the delimiter to TAB and click the Change File button to select where you want he file downloaded. Finally click OK.

The resulting file can now be imported into SolarFarmer using custom tab separated values. Please watch the tutorial video Import custom solar data or read the section on Tab Separated Variable Files in SolarFarmer User Guide chapter on Solar Resources


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