Critical SolarFarmer Update

A critical issue appeared today (30 March 2022) with the recent release of the SolarFarmer desktop application ( When you started the application a “Global Mapper” error dialog appeared. After you clicked ‘OK’ the application appeared to be ok, and most functionality would work fine with existing workbooks, but some functionality (such as choosing a new site location, and importing/downloading terrain and background imagery) did not work.

This was caused by a licensing system problem in a third party component used in the SolarFarmer desktop application, which has now been rectified in this new version.

This does not affect version (though if you are still using this version we recommend updating to the latest version too to take advantage of the bug fixes and improvements since

Please download, install and use the updated version ( from the portal:

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further problems, comment here or email